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Interest Groups

 Please use the Feedback Form to give us your own Ideas for how we should develop this initiative.

Community Interest Groups

In general, we envisage that Community Interest Groups will form to meet, explore and progress Ideas.
Of course, a good number of community organisations and voluntary groups already exist. We hope that this intiative and the Community Ideas List itself will be useful in providing an additional channel of communication and consultation with the local community, helping promote what you are doing and, perhaps, providing a source of new Ideas for your own group.

Guiding Principles

The aim is that IG001 all other SCG Interest Groups will follow the same, basic, good practice rules to:

  • Operate impartially
  • Stimulate discussion, 
  • Help to reconcile differing views and to refine the published Ideas
  • Hold open community meetings and, by other means, present Ideas, invite public scrutiny, challenge, constructive input, and responses.
  • Generally keep the community fully up to date with your meetings, the results of discussions and progress in eliciting responses by named actors.
  • Other???   (please make suggestions, but let's not make too many rules)


Interest Groups tackle anything from a simple piece of research, addressing one of the 'Things to Consider', to holding meetings and workshops to look at a range of similar Ideas, to reconcile differing views and to help build a consensus for action.

If appropriate, Interest Groups may decide to work with partners in the community, to help to put ideas into action.
Unlike the Ideas List, Interest Groups should not be anonymous. As with most voluntatary community groups, the leader, contact points and, ideally, a membership list, should be published.

The essential principle is to communicate well, act impartially, give plenty of opportunities to the wider community to give their views on what you are doing, so there are no surprises and there is a good level of buy-in.

Calls for new Interest Groups

This is where anyone can propose an Interest Group and to call for expressions of interest

If you want to propose a new IG, submit this in the usual way using the Feedback form and offer one or more names in support. Encourage others to join your group.

When there is sufficient interest, it is up to that group (usually the proposer) to announce and to call an open launch meeting and get going.  There are no formalities and no obligations - except to announce the meeting here and, generally, to follow the good practice principles above. It may be possible to provide your own working space on this site or we can link to a separate site (e.g. a social networking site) if that is more convenient to you.

IG 001     Interest Group:      The Community Ideas Initiative (CII)
Leader:  Chris Baker
Members:  tbc

Note:  In this context this whole intiative, itself, is an Idea - and is open to suggestions from the wider community for how it should run and develop.
So, the first core Interest Group IG001 is to establish, promote and progress this initiative, developing the structure, its aims and principles as we go.  See 'How we work' tab for an update on this special Interest Group, to see how the Initiative is shaping, Ideas for how it should develop, proposals for action - and to fnd out how to get involved.

IG ###     Interest Group (proposed):      to explore and progress CI 006 - an Integrated Community Bus Service (ICBS)
Interested:  Chris Baker; others?

IG ###     Interest Group (proposed):      to identify and to consider Ideas relevant to the Sainsburys 'Travel Plan' 
Interested people:  ????

IG ###     Interest Group (proposed):      to consider Ideas for how to ensure pedestrian safety, especially schoolchildren, along Station Road
Interested:  ????

IG ###     Interest Group:      ????

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