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Questions and Answers




Use the Feedback form on the Home page to ask questions.  We will try to provide answers here.

Q:  Why is this initiative needed?

  As we enter a new phase of local democracy, we need more efficient and impartial mechanisms to stimulate, capture and to share all of our creative thoughts, ideas and visions for how we can make our own community function better, become more sustainable and develop the way we would wish.

A:  We need more open and accessible community-based processes for, over time, building a set of practical options and robust supporting arguments, reflecting the interests and views of everyone in our community and which will stimulate action and inform decisions.

A:  We need to find better ways to help the wider community, working in partnership with experts and interested parties, to build a degree of consensus on the fairness and completeness of the arguments, for and against ideas, so that people can have more confidence that decisions, for example by Local Authorities, will have taken into account all of the published views expressed by the wider community.

A:  Local newspapers and on-line blogs provide a very useful community service, allowing views to be expressed and, with varying degrees of success, an open discussion to take place.  However, these media are geared to topical issues and provide no mechanism for capturing ideas, arguments and evidence.  We need a place where we can capture the results of discussions, whether these are in the newspapers, on-line or in private workshops, and publish the current state of thinking.

Who is behind this initiative?

  DDSCG is an idea proposed by Chris Baker, a resident of Dorridge for 25years. Chris is acting independently in initiating and in seeking support for this open community initiative. A increasing number of people have contributed their Ideas and offered advice and support. The initiative is designed with the intention that the content and, so far as possible, the scheme itself will be owned and managed by the community it serves.

Q: Who decides which Ideas are posted?

  All ideas will be posted – that’s the point. There are no committees, no voting, no one sits in judgement.  If someone sends in something that is almost the same as an existing idea, we will aim simply to expand the original idea o include any new aspects or arguments.
Q: Will you delete bad ideas?

A: No. We expect that the strongest ideas will naturally expand, develop and become more robust, with all the pros and cons collected together.  Weaker, less relevant or non-active Ideas will stay on the list, so they are there if someone wants to pick them up.

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