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On 30th November 2011, Solihull Planning Committee approved Sainsburys plans to re-develop their site in central Dorridge subject to certain requirements, including the development of a 'Travel Plan'.

Community Ideas, especially those which relate to how to Traffic Volume, Traffic Management, Pedestrian Safety, Parking may be relevant to the development of this Travel Plan and could inform discussions between Sainsburys and Officials and the decisions of our SMBC Planning Committee.

One idea is to designate the whole of Dorridge centre to be a pedestrian priority zone.  Other ideas deal with such things as where visitors to the Doctor's surgery will park when Sainsburys car park fills up and how to avoid grid-lock at peak times. Have you any ideas for how to make this work?  

The Travel Plan is being submitted to the Planning Committee for their approval on Wednesday 14th March. You may wish to compare the Travel Plan with the Community Ideas List to observe the extent to which Sainsburys and SMBC have responded to this initiative.


STATION ROAD speed humps and 20mph limits?

SMBC seem closer to deciding on traffic calming measures for Station Road responding, especially, to concerns about the risks to Arden school children going to and from school.

It's suggested that a combination of speed humps (sleeping policemen) and 20mph speed limits might do the trick.  The Community Ideas Wall has some other suggestions ranging from using Pelican crossings as offering a kind of traffic calming on demand, mini roundabouts and asking the children to use alternative paths, away from the main road.  What do you think? have you any better Ideas?

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